Front Access LED Display Solution

There 2 kinds for front access LED Display, one is use front access cabinets and the other is front access modules. But which one is better for my project? Here is our advert.
Here is our solution. If your project’s height is below 2.8 meters, then you should use front access cabinets to save cost. The modules is keep the same as back service. Cabinet only need more $30 for per square meter, but you save a lot from structure cost. Why maximum height is 2.8 meter? Because the maximum height of a front access cabinet is 3 meter. longer than that height will makes the cabinet too heavies to hold it’s structurer, some time will even have security prolem. ” But if my project height is longer than 2.8 meter can I use 2 front access cabinet?” the answer is no, the front access cabinet need a scroll space to open it for maintance, like the below picture.



For project which height is longer than 2.8 meter, and the structure must be front access, Use front access LED Display Modules is the best choice. Usually the modules is 4 times larger than back service modules, some the price is higher


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