P4.81 Outdoor Rental led display


Product Description


  • Standard size, 0.5 M2 Help you design
  • Ultra light weight and Slim, Save labour cost when set up
  • High Resulotion with high quality picture makes your customers happy
cast cabinet LED Display

Super Slim and light, Saving Cost and Installation Time

The thickness of cabinet is less than 80mm, Weight Less than 11.5KG, average weight for one square meter is less than 20 KG, leading the LED Display industry


Detacheble Module Back Cover, Easy for Maintaice

The Module back cover can be detached directly, make it easy to maintance IC, capacitors and resistors


Compability Between Hang Bar and Group Bar, Cost Saving

Turn the hanging bar 90 degree, then it can be use as ground bar, which can save management and inverstment cost.


Cabinet edge protection design, improved product stability

Height of cabinet is higher is than module, which is can protect the edge of modules, so it can protect the mask and LED lamp to improve stability.


Not Difference Between right and right Modules, No Trouble Changing Modules

The Module size is 500mmx250mm not difference between right and left modules, Which is easy to mangage and maintance.


Smaller mask,easy maintance, Highly profitable

Smaller Mask design, only 8 screws need to be unscrewed when maintance LED lamp, This not only ensure the flatness but also reduce the maintance cost.

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