LED Display Control System

LED Display control system is very important for a whole screen. People use call them  LED control card in this industrial.  Usually The system is consist of 2 part, one is  sending part make of sending card; and recieving part made of recieving cards.   There is  2 kinds of control  systems, one is Synchronous control system, the other is asynchronous.  Widely used Synchronous control cards is Linsn, Nova, famouse asynchronous control Dbstar and HD.

Synchronous card will Synchronously display what is show on your PC to the LED Display you set up. You need keep your PC on and then sending card can recieved content from you PC, and then it will distribute the content to receiver card, fianally the LED screen will show what is get from the reciever card.



For asynchronously control system,  first, you edit the display content on your PC, and then save it to U-disk or to a remote server.  The asynchronous sending card will read the content from U-disk or remote server and distrute the content to receiver cards.


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