What is pixel pitch?

he pixel pitch is the center-to-center distance between pixels given in millimetres. The smaller pixel pitch makes higher resolution display. We provide wide range of LED display from pixel pitch of only 2mm for HD media display to 20mm for outdoor advertising purpose.

What is minimum viewing distance?

The minimum viewing distance is the shortest distance that pictures and text can be identified without pixilation of image. However, it doesn’t mean that from shorter distance the picture or text is not acceptable. For your reference, videos of LED display products in our online store are captured from 4-5 meters away of display.


What is cabinet type?

The Cabinet type is frame of the LED display. We use aluminum profiles for indoor and behind the window displays and sturdy steel case for outdoor displays.

What is communication methods?

The communication method refers to the way in which you upload media (text, images, animations, and video) to LED display. We offer cable, USB, Wi-Fi and GPRS (mobile internet) methods. To choose the best communication method contact our expert for more information.

What is most important quality criteria when it comes to LED video displays

LED chipset is one of the most important criteria that determine the quality of LED display. We use Epistar chipset in our products that guaranty consistence image quality over the life time of LED pixels.

What is LED display of the IP protection grade?

IP protection grade is composed of two digital, the first digital representation from the dust of lamps and lanterns, the level of the external things out, the second digit said moisture proof.


What is the difference between the indoor module full color and full color of the patch?

(1) light-emitting part: module full color display module is generally green and yellow, pure green module expensive; SMD full color generally use pure green core;

(2) display: Module full color pixel visual feeling of thick, low brightness, easy mosaic phenomenon; SMD full color consistency is better, higher brightness;

(3) Maintenance: module difficult to maintain full-color, high replacement costs of the entire module; SMD full color and easy to maintain, repair and replacement of a single lamp;

How to help the user to select the appropriate display?

(1) to display content;

(2) visual distance, the perspective of the confirmation;

(3) Screen resolution requirements;

(4) installation of environmental requirements;

(5) cost control;